Residential Electrician

Our highest priority is the safety of the electrical systems in your home; when choosing Schrader Electrical you can have peace of mind that you are using a fully licensed, fully insured and highly experienced contractor at your service.

Fault finding & switchboard upgrades

Have an electrical fault somewhere in your home's electricial system, but haven’t the faintest idea where it could be located? Our team can identify and locate faults and upgrade your switchboard, keeping you safe from electrical problems in the process

TV wall mounting

Why settle for visible cables or an awkwardly positioned screen that’s just a little bet too low to watch comfortably? Our team provides expert TV wall mounting service that is seamless and safe, making your living room or home theatre that much more comfortable.

LED light installation

Modern LED lights are just as oright (if not brighter) than halogen downhghts, all while using a fraction of the electricity and lasting for much longer. Call our LED Lighting Northern Beaches experts to fit your home out with a brighter, more energy-efficient lighting solution today.

Underfloor ventilation fans

You dont often think of the spaces underneath your home as needing ventilation. Our team can add underfloor ventilation fans, protecting you from excessive moisture buildup and the mould and mildew problems that often accompany it.

Smoke alarm installation & replacement

Fire is dangerous — that’s why it's so important that your smoke alarms are installed properly and tested on a regular basis. Our electricians can inspect, test, and do smoke alarm installation and replacement, providing your home with its best defence against fire.

Electrical Safety inspections

Keep ahead of electrical problems by getting your home's electrical circuits, wiring and systems inspected. Schrader Electrical works with you to ensure that your home’s various electrical sub systems are working as they should, fixing any issues that pop up.

Pool lights installation & repairs

Electricity and water don’t mix. When it comes to pool light installation and repair, it’s important that you entrust this job to a team of electricians that can safely carry the job out — we’ll complete the job to deliver maximum efficiency and safety.

General maintenance & repairs

A flickering lightbulb, a socket that's a little bit too warm or a circuit breaker that's constantly going off can all be signs of an electrical problem around the home. Our team can help maintain your electrical subsystems, fixing issues as they arise and protecting you.

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