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Embracing the Future with EV Charger Installations

At Shrader Electrical, we recognize the importance of staying ahead in the evolving landscape of automotive technology. Our dedicated team, with its deep expertise in electrical solutions, is at the forefront of supporting this green transition. We provide top-tier EV charger installation services, catering to the increasing number of EV owners who are seeking reliable, convenient, and fast charging solutions at home or their business locations.

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Key Benefits of Personal EV Charger Installations

Increased Safety

Enhanced Convenience: Having a personal EV charger at your home or business eliminates the need to rely on public charging stations. Charge your vehicle overnight or during work hours at your convenience, ensuring it’s always ready to go when you are.

Capability to Support Modern Appliances and Technology

Cost Savings: Charging your EV at home can be more cost-effective than using public charging stations. With a personal charger, you can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, reducing the overall cost of charging your vehicle.

Improved System Efficiency and Reliability

Environmental Impact: Using an EV charger at home contributes to reducing your carbon footprint. By charging your electric vehicle with electricity, potentially from renewable sources, you are supporting environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Improved System Efficiency and Reliability

Customized Charging Solutions: Personal EV chargers can be tailored to your specific needs, including the type of charger and its placement, ensuring the best fit for your vehicle and property.

Prevention of Electrical Hazards

Increased Charging Speed: Personal EV chargers typically offer faster charging capabilities compared to standard public chargers. This means less time waiting for your vehicle to charge and more time enjoying the drive.

Improved System Efficiency and Reliability

Increased Home Value: Installing an EV charger can increase the value of your property. As EVs become more common, homebuyers are looking for properties that can accommodate their charging needs.

Improved System Efficiency and Reliability

Reliability: Personal EV chargers provide a reliable charging solution. Unlike public chargers, which may be in use or out of service, your home charger is always available for you.

By choosing to install a personal EV charger with Shrader Electrical, you are not only investing in convenience and cost savings but also contributing to a more sustainable future. Enjoy the ease and assurance of having a reliable, fast, and efficient charging solution right at your doorstep.

Why Choose Shrader Electrical for
EV Charger Installation

Choosing Shrader Electrical for your EV charger installation comes with the assurance of expert service, tailored solutions, quality products, and a commitment to safety and compliance. Here’s why we are the ideal choice.

Experienced Technicians:

Our team at Shrader Electrical consists of highly qualified and experienced technicians specializing in EV charger installations. They possess the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the complexities of various EV charging systems. Their expertise ensures that every installation is performed with precision and care, catering to the specific needs of different electric vehicle models and customer preferences.

Customized Solutions

At Shrader Electrical, we understand that each customer has unique needs. We provide customized EV charger installation solutions that consider factors like your vehicle type, charging requirements, property layout, and personal usage patterns. Our approach involves working closely with you to determine the best charging setup that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and property in the Northern Beaches.

Quality Products

We are committed to using only high-quality, reliable EV charging units sourced from reputable manufacturers. Our selection of chargers is designed to offer durability, efficiency, and compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles. By choosing the best products, we ensure that your EV charging experience is seamless, convenient, and long-lasting.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is our top priority in every installation. We adhere strictly to all safety standards and electrical regulations to ensure that your EV charging station is not only efficient but also safe to use. Our installations are compliant with local codes and standards in the Northern Beaches, giving you peace of mind knowing that your EV charger is installed correctly and safely.

By choosing Shrader Electrical for your EV charger installation, you are opting for a service that combines technical expertise, personalized solutions, quality equipment, and a strong emphasis on safety. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted provider for EV charger installations in the Northern Beaches and beyond.

Our EV Charger Installation Process

Site Assesment

Explain the process of assessing the site for the best installation approach.

Installation Plan

Describe how the right charger type and location are selected for each customer.

Professional Installation

Detail the installation process, ensuring high-quality workmanship.

Testing & Demonstration

How the installed system is tested, and customers are guided on using their new EV charger.

Types of EV Chargers Requiring
Professional Installation


Level 2 chargers are a popular choice for home and commercial use. They require a dedicated 240V circuit and professional installation. Offering a significant speed upgrade from Level 1 chargers, they are more efficient and can charge an EV battery much faster.

Charging Speed

Typically provides around 40-80 kilometers of range per hour of charging.


Ideal for homeowners and businesses looking for a balance between speed and convenience. Perfect for daily charging needs and suitable for almost all types of electric vehicles.


Smart chargers are an advanced version of Level 2 chargers, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity. They allow remote monitoring and control of the charging process via a smartphone app. These chargers can also be programmed to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs, making them a cost-effective option.

Charging Speed

Comparable to standard Level 2 chargers, but with added intelligent features.


Best for EV owners who want greater control over their charging process, efficiency, and costs. They are particularly beneficial for those looking to integrate their charger with home energy systems or solar panels.


These chargers are permanently mounted on a wall and wired directly into the property’s electrical system. Wall-mounted chargers often come in Level 2 charging speeds and can be either standard or smart chargers.

Charging Speed

Generally offers faster charging, similar to standard Level 2 chargers.


Suitable for those who have a dedicated parking space and want a permanent, reliable charging solution at home or at their business premises.


Unlike portable chargers, hardwired chargers are directly connected to the home’s electrical system, offering a more permanent and secure solution. They can be either standard Level 2 chargers or smart chargers.

Charging Speed

Provides quicker charging, similar to Level 2 chargers.


Ideal for EV owners looking for a more robust and permanent charging solution that doesn’t occupy an existing outlet.

At Shrader Electrical, we specialize in the installation of these types of EV chargers. Our experienced electricians ensure that your charger is installed safely, adhering to all Australian electrical standards and regulations. We can guide you in selecting the most appropriate charger for your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient EV charging experience.

FAQs On EV Charger Installation

What types of EV chargers can I install at my home or business?

Typically, Level 2 chargers are installed at homes and businesses. They offer a faster charging speed than Level 1 chargers and can be either standard or smart chargers, depending on your needs.

How much does it cost to install an EV charger?

The cost varies depending on the type of charger, installation complexity, and any additional electrical upgrades needed. Generally, a Level 2 charger installation can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. We provide detailed quotes after assessing your specific installation requirements.

How long does a switchboard upgrade take?

Most installations are completed within a day. However, the duration can vary based on the complexity of the installation and electrical upgrades required.

Do I need to upgrade my electrical panel for an EV charger?

It depends on your current electrical system’s capacity. Our technicians will assess your electrical panel during the site evaluation and advise if an upgrade is necessary.

Can I use my EV charger in the rain?

Yes, EV chargers are designed to be weather-resistant and can safely be used outdoors, including during rainy conditions.

What maintenance is required for an EV charger?

EV chargers generally require minimal maintenance. It’s recommended to periodically check the unit for any physical damage and ensure the charging cable is properly stored when not in use.

Are there any government incentives for installing an EV charger?

Incentives vary by region. We can provide information on any current government rebates or incentives available in the Northern Beaches and surrounding areas.

What are the benefits of installing a smart EV charger?

Smart chargers offer features like remote monitoring, scheduling charging times to avail lower electricity rates, and tracking energy usage, which can be beneficial for cost-saving and efficient charging.